Saigo Kara Nibanme no Koi


It’s often been my lament that Japan doesn’t do rom-coms like it used to, but I’m happy to report that there are still gems to be found once in a while. It’s even more heartening that the rom-com is actually smart, funny and fronted by leads who can act. How rare is that these days?

Yoshino Chiaki (Koizumi Kyoko) is a 45-year-old TV drama producer who decides to move to Kamakura in a bid to take stock of her life as she grows older. As luck would have it, she becomes neighbours with Nagakura Wahei (Nakai Kiichi), a 50-year-old widower who works for the Kamakura city office, and gets entangled with his family’s various antics and escapades…

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