Alice no Toge


Recently finished Alice no Toge, Ueno Juri’s first drama after a three-year break from TV-land (her last being the 2011 taiga Gou). I generally enjoy revenge medical thrillers and this was a pretty good one to sink my teeth into. Hong Kong and Japan are fairly reliable in their procedurals (though I think Hong Kong has the edge), and at 10 episodes, Alice no Toge certainly burst off the blocks with a dramatic bang. Once it settled down, however, it had good pace and I found myself wanting to watch the next episode. Besides, it was refreshing to watch Ueno shed her iconic Nodame image to take on a very different role to showcase her versatility.

Mizuno Asumi (Ueno Juri) is a doctor at Seirin University Hospital, where her father was also a doctor fifteen years ago. Unfortunately, dad died because of medical malpractice that was covered up, and Asumi is determined to bring the matter to light to avenge her father. Initially, Asumi goes at it alone but gains an ally in the journalist Nishikado Yusuke (Odagiri Joe), who turns out to be her childhood friend. Together, they set out to unearth the mastermind(s) behind the cover-up and get more than they bargained for… Continue reading