Yami no Bansosha


It’s not often, given the current bleh drama climate, that you get a show that ticks all the boxes on why it should be a must-watch or be deserving of a place on any recommended drama list. Fortunately, Yami no Bansosha is all that and another testament to the enduring quality of WOWOW dramas. It’s short at only five episodes, but there’s a lot going on that deserves your full attention every minute of the way.

Mizuno Yuki (Matsushita Nao) is an ex-cop turned researcher for a publishing company. She gets an unusual request to look into whether a series of 50 unpublished sketches were really the work of manga master Ajima Fumiya, who died a year ago. The sketches are eerily similar to 35-year-old cases of young women who went missing. As manga is not her forte, Yuki enlists the help of eccentric manga editor Daigo Shinji (Furuta Arata) to uncover the mystery behind these sketches… Continue reading