Day 25: Most Cringeworthy Moment


A recent one would be in Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu, where Hanae blurts out she’s willing to take care of Yuto while he pursues grad school. Technically there’s nothing wrong with wanting to support your man’s academic ambitions, but this occurred during a first meeting with her younger boyfriend’s mother, and in circumstances where mother and son were talking about school, not marriage. To have Hanae blurt that out, and then go on to ramble how things will be okay so long as they remain frugal and she accepts the promotion at work so she gets a better salary is bloody embarrassing. It’s even worse when Yuto swiftly denies that marriage is on the cards and all Hanae can do is just laugh it off awkwardly that she got things wrong. I kind of understand what Hanae was thinking, but it just reeks of stupidity and desperation. I was cringing throughout the entire scene, not only for how Yuto’s denial must have hurt her (in addition to other things), but for what she really put herself through by being so blinkered in this half-baked relationship. I almost wanted to say she asked for it… okay, she asked for it.

I’m so glad Yu didn’t end up with Hanae. There, I said it again.


Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu episodes 9-10


Well, let’s get this dumb drama out of the way. Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu ended at episode 10, and boy was I glad to see the back of it. Even though I’d grumbled about the writing flaws and I knew Yu and Hanae wouldn’t be end game, I was still prepared to be okay with it overall so long as the drama wrapped things up decently. I wasn’t even against a Hanae-Yuto ending, just that they should start behaving like adults since we’re now into the final stretch. However, the drama couldn’t even do that basic thing and the ending was just epic logic fail. How that even happened, I don’t know and will never understand. As always, Tamaki Hiroshi remains the best thing about the drama. Continue reading

Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu episodes 6-8


Tamaki Hiroshi continues to be the best thing about Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu, and this is both a good and bad thing. The good is that Tamaki is successfully making use of his minimal screentime for maximum impact, but the bad is that this drama is not about his character and the main relationship isn’t gaining any sort of logical traction. Ayase Haruka is still doing a fine job as Hanae, but it’s become increasingly obvious she can’t single-handedly sell this older woman-younger man relationship, especially since her co-star is still as stiff as a board. It’s a pity that the story, which had a fair amount of potential in the earlier stages, is kind of fizzling out as it reaches the final stretch. Continue reading

Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu episodes 3-5


Tamaki Hiroshi in a white shirt = irresistible

Time to check back with Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu, and the drama is progressing at a good pace, with both Tamaki Hiroshi and Ayase Haruka selling their respective characters well. It’s probably my bias speaking, but Tamaki is seriously the best thing about Kaisha, and this is despite his limited screentime. He really does light up the screen whenever he appears, and I look forward to Yu’s exchanges with Hanae every week. Ayase is still killing it as Hanae, and continues to make the character likeable even though many of Hanae’s actions may frustrate the viewer. Continue reading

Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu episodes 1-2


It’s been a long while since I’m actually following a currently airing J-drama, and I tend not to because the wait gets excruciating if the drama has an actor I enjoy watching. However, this time I couldn’t resist Tamaki Hiroshi looking so deliciously sexy in Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu, and even though he doesn’t get a lot of screentime since he’s essentially the second lead, he really lights up the screen whenever he comes on. This is not a recap – for detailed ones, please visit koalasplayground. Rather, here are some thoughts on the initial two episodes…

The plot is simple – Aoishi Hanae (Ayase Haruka) is a 30-year-old plain OL working at a trading company. She has an unexciting life at and outside of work and has never dated. However, after an unexpected one-night stand, she ends up getting a boyfriend nine years younger, in the form of Tanokura Yuto (Fukushi Sota), a temp worker in her office. At the same time, Asao Yu (Tamaki Hiroshi), the CEO of an Italian food company located in the same building as Hanae’s office, begins to show interest in her… Continue reading

A second lead and a diplomat

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Just a quick update on casting news. Tamaki Hiroshi has been cast in two dramas – Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu, which will begin in October, and a Japanese adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express. The latter is a two-part New Year special, and is chock-full of stars. Tamaki will play a diplomat named Ando, whose wife is played by Anne. I’ve never read the book, but it’ll be good reason for me to check it out now. I hope Tamaki’s role won’t be too small, since there are just so many people in it, but it’s still a good thing for him to be in this production. The pompadour took a bit getting used to, but ultimately I think he looks handsome anyway, heh. Check out aramajapan and Dorama World for more details and a list of the stars.

Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu, meanwhile, is a romantic comedy whose plot gives me the shivers down the spine. Poor Tamaki is stuck in second-lead territory here – he plays Asao Yu, the CEO of an Italian food company, who is interested in Aoishi Hanae (Ayase Haruka), a plain office lady with zero experience in relationships. But Hanae somehow has managed to land herself a boyfriend (Fukushi Sota) nine years younger despite being utterly clueless in the dating game. And Yu happens to like her for… some reason that escapes me right now. This is totally the plot of the atrocious Last Cinderella, which was so bad I dropped it within three episodes. I have alua‘s word that Fukushi Sota is a middling actor (he looks middling too), but I doubt the drama will pair Yu and Hanae together, even though the manga from which it is adapted is as yet unfinished.

But some Tamaki is better than none, so here’s hoping for the best!