Tensai Tantei Mitarai ~ Nankai Jiken File ‘Kasa wo Oru Onna’


Detective dramas are a staple of the J-drama landscape these days, and half the time it comes with the “genius (insert profession) + sidekick” solving cases, which has probably been done to death everywhere. After all, how many genius sleuths can there be running around? Still, it’s always interesting to check out the sort of cases these dramas come up with, and I never refuse the opportunity to watch a hot detective in action.

Mitarai Kiyoshi (Tamaki Hiroshi) is a brilliant eccentric neuroscientist who is also a famous sleuth. He is good friends with the author Ishioka Kazumi (Domoto Koichi). One day, Ishioka tells Mitarai about a mystery he heard on the radio – a listener had called in about a mysterious woman in white who was walking around in the pouring rain with a small plastic bag and a red umbrella. She then allowed the umbrella to be crushed by a passing car before going on her way with the broken umbrella. Mitarai puts the pieces together and deduces that a murder must have occurred in the vicinity where the woman was spotted… Continue reading