Day 21: Most Overrated Drama


There are tons of overrated dramas (hello kdramas), so I’ll just name one that I’ve seen recently and felt it didn’t deserve all the praise and hype. That would be Saikou no Rikon. I’d read a lot about how wonderful it was, how it was the best drama of 2013, and how Sakamoto Yuji’s writing was so brilliant and witty. So I went in with certain expectations… and came out of it not exactly liking it or finding it as memorable as, say, Itoshi Kimi e or Top Caster. I detailed my misgivings about the drama in an earlier post, so all I’ll say here is that I think the drama was decent and had solid acting for the most part, but it could definitely have been better. And I really did not like all that posturing during the ending credits.


Saikou no Rikon


A drama about divorce doesn’t have to be heavy and melodramatic, as Saikou no Rikon proves. This was touted to be one of the best dramas of 2013, with a stellar cast and solid writing, and eventually I took the plunge to try it out.

Hamasaki Mitsuo (Eita) is a salaryman working for a vending machine company. He is whiny, OCD to the nth degree, and not particularly good with people. Married to Yuka (Ono Machiko) for a couple of years now, Mitsuo is realising that he and his wife don’t really have anything in common. On the spur of the moment (or not?), they end up divorcing but have trouble breaking the news to their respective families and are forced for a good part of the drama to continue sharing their (ex-)matrimonial home as though nothing has happened. One day, Mitsuo runs into his ex-girlfriend Akari (Maki Yoko), and has thoughts of rekindling their relationship, only to find out that she is married to Uehara Ryo (Ayano Go), who is apparently cheating on his wife… Continue reading