On the hunt: Hello Harinezumi & Keiji Yugami

Greetings again on the first day of spring! Real life disrupted my drama-watching time, so I’ve only been able to complete two dramas that didn’t require too much brain power. Both featured actors I enjoy watching, but the quality was uneven and the differences obvious from the get-go. Continue reading


Greetings again! I apologise for the radio silence, real life came calling and my laptop decided to kaboom on me, so it’s the office computer until I can get a new machine. This also means my drama backlog keeps increasing so I only managed to finish A LIFE, which is Kimura Takuya’s first acting outing since the break-up of SMAP. The premise was nothing new, but it had a strong cast, and the eternal mystery of why Asano Tadanobu played second fiddle to Kimura is something my mind can’t compute at all so I had to watch to find out.

Rookie doctor Okita Kazuaki (Kimura Takuya) was sent overseas thanks to the machinations of his best friend Suzuki Masao (Asano Tadanobu). Leaving his girlfriend Danjo Mifuyu (Takeuchi Yuko) behind, he went to Seattle, where he became an excellent cardiothoracic surgeon. Ten years later, he returns to Danjo Hospital at the request of Mifuyu’s father, who is the hospital director, and is handed a difficult task by Masao, who has since married Mifuyu… Continue reading

Long Goodbye


Part of getting back into J-dramas is the fun of discovering new stuff and seeing actors in another light. Recently, I had the pleasure of watching Long Goodbye, which is a Japanese adaptation of Raymond Chandler’s novel of the same name. Having never read any of Chandler’s novels, I could only go by word of mouth regarding this adaptation – and the reviews were very good indeed, with some praising it as the drama of the year. I went into the drama completely blind, not even reading the synopsis, and came out of it really liking it. Continue reading