Warm fuzzies: Shinya Shokudo 4 & 5

It’s been a while since I watched any Shinya Shokudo. Season 3 was a bit blah, so I was glad to take a break and move on to other things. I was a little hesitant upon hearing that Netflix has taken over producing the next two seasons, now with the tag “Tokyo Stories”, but am glad to report that it’s almost like the good old times. I’d initially intended to watch only season 4, but mixed up watching some episodes of season 5 and decided to barrel through both. Continue reading

Karei naru Ichizoku


There must be something in the air, because this is the third Kimura Takuya drama I’ve finished this year. This is a bit surreal since I’ve avoided Kimura’s dramas for the better part of a decade, but I suppose it had to happen sometime. And since this year seems to be about giving actors I don’t particularly care for another chance, I gave it a shot.

Set in Kansai during the restructuring of the financial industry in the late 1960s, Karei naru Ichizoku depicts the conflicts and secrets within the Manpyo clan, notably the rivalry between the father Daisuke (Kitaoji Kinya), a powerful banker who heads Hanshin Bank, and his eldest son Teppei (Kimura Takuya), the executive managing director of Hanshin Steelworks. As Teppei works to advance his firm’s ambitions of breaking into the global steel market, he runs into stiff opposition, chief of which is coming from Daisuke, who for some reason dislikes Teppei… Continue reading

Koori no Sekai


When nostalgia comes knocking, you’ve got to answer it. So it was that after coming across an MV of Koori no Sekai, I decided it was time for a proper rewatch. It’s been years since I first watched it, and except for the occasional revisit of certain memorable scenes, it was like approaching the drama again on a relatively clean slate. It was also a good opportunity to see if it has held up well over the years.

Investigations into what seems to be an unfortunate death of a teacher and possible insurance fraud lead detective Ujou Takeshi (Nakamura Toru) and insurance investigator Hirokawa Eiki (Takenouchi Yutaka) to Eiwa Girls School and its earth sciences teacher Egi Toko (Matsushima Nanako). Eiki’s suspicions are raised when he discovers that Toko had three fiancés who died soon after cancelling their life insurance policies that had listed her as a beneficiary… Continue reading