Tokyo Sentimental

Life has been stressful lately, so I wanted to watch something light and short. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of J-dramas with shorter episodes, and one with a relaxing, charming vibe is always welcome.

Kururi Takuzo (Yoshita Kotaro) is a wagashi-maker who runs a small shop in the shitamachi area of Tokyo, with the help of a sassy part-time assistant, Sudo Akane (Takahata Mitsuki). Takuzo is thrice divorced and is always looking for love. He enjoys walking around the various areas of Tokyo and taking photographs. And Tokyo proves to be just the place for encounters of any kind, no matter one’s age… Continue reading

Ossan’s Love

Nothing pleases me more than to see an underrated actor get the recognition he deserves, and finally, it is the turn of Tanaka Kei.

Haruta Soichi (Tanaka Kei) is a bachelor who works in the sales department of a real estate company. He is good-hearted and wants to get married, but is rather hapless and unpopular with women. Haruta takes in a roommate, Maki Ryota (Hayashi Kento), a new colleague who is good at household chores. One day, Haruta’s boss Kurosawa Musashi (Yoshida Kotaro) suddenly confesses his feelings for him. Haruta is further caught off guard when Maki says he has feelings for him too…

Continue reading

Subete wa Kimi ni Aeta Kara


I was in a bit of a festive mood and wanted to watch something about romance during Christmas, so I went for Subete wa Kimi ni Aeta Kara, which was billed as the Japanese version of the romantic comedy Love Actually when it came out in 2013. The film was made to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Tokyo Station, which acts as the backdrop for six interconnected stories featuring 12 characters that take place just before Christmas. I generally don’t do well with short stories or omnibus films, as I always feel short-changed and that there isn’t enough development, or that people don’t know how to do brevity well. But since the film stars Tamaki Hiroshi, I just had to give it a shot.

The six interconnected stories include a company president who has lost faith in love (Eve no Koibito), a couple struggling with a long-distance relationship (Enkyori Renai), a college student afraid to confess her feelings to her senpai (Christmas no Yuki), an orphanage worker who is waiting for a new mother for one of the children (Christmas Present), a father who has to tell his son he doesn’t have long to live (Nibun no Ichi Seijinshiki), and a cake shop employee reminiscing about a 49-year-old promise (Okurete Kita Present). The stories seem more bittersweet than your usual rom-com, which was actually okay given how they played out. Continue reading