junny loves cats, reading, writing, sports, watching dramas, music and sleeping. Occasionally she behaves like an adult in order to make a living to feed her cat. She can also be found being a noob on twitter, tumblr and mdl.

She is currently on a Tamaki Hiroshi and Sato Takeru high. Long may it last!

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  1. Thank you Junny!! May you always be on a Tamaki high!! I totally fell for him again & again rewatching Nodame for the umpteenth time. Its so difficult to read about J stars compared to K. So I’ll be dropping by your site for my Tamaki fix 😊

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    • Hiya, thanks for dropping by and nice to meet a fellow Tamaki fan! He’s totally awesome in Nodame, isn’t he? I love his chemistry with Ueno Juri, they were kanpeki together. I can’t promise fresh Tamaki news on a regular basis, but there will always be something about him on this blog 🙂


      • Ive just finished marathoning the whole series – drama, SP, movies!! Yay! Its just too awesome. Frankly, I think I’m more of a Chiaki & Nodame fan, more than anything.

        Tamaki lost so much weight in the movies. But thanks to you, I see that he’s put back some & now looks greater than ever. Are u watchung the new show with Ayase? He plays 2nd so I think I may just wait for reviews before deciding if to watch.

        Wl drop by fm time to time!


      • Haha, I’m definitely a Chiaki fan, but I love Nodame too cuz she’s awesome that way. I just think the whole franchise is so well made, everything from the cast to the music selection was perfect. Tamaki Hiroshi and Ueno Juri are Chiaki and Nodame – nobody else even comes close.

        Yes, I watched ep 1 of Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu, Tamaki was smokin’ hot in there! I quite like it, though so far he doesn’t have a lot of screentime and is unlikely to get the girl. He and Ayase do have some nice chemistry though. I’ll see if I can do up a first impressions post sometime next week.


  2. Wish for your Tamaki’s high last forever >0__<
    Ah I just finished Love Shuffle, really the best kyaaa Can you write some post about this drama or Nodame or some old movies. As your reviews, i definitely try MW next (when i manage to find engsub somewhere) Please update more often, i'm really looking forward ❤


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