Tamaki Hiroshi, Kinami Haruka tie the knot

Look who’s getting married today!

Tamaki Hiroshi dropped the bombshell last week that he and actress Kinami Haruka would marry on June 26, news that stunned fans as there was no rumour whatsoever that they were in a relationship. Tamaki and Kinami have been friends for eight years, and started getting close after working together in the 2017 drama SP Onna no Kunshou starring Matsushima Nanako. In that SP, Tamaki played an ambitious, manipulative man who toyed with women to get what he wanted, and Kinami’s character was one of his victims.

I’m delighted for Tamaki that he has found his other half! There’s always something sweet about a friends turned lovers story, and even better that it has resulted in marriage! I vaguely remember seeing Kinami in what I skimmed of Onna no Kunshou and Yuusha Yoshihiko, but don’t recall seeing her in anything else yet. Nevertheless, she seems like a very sweet lady and a solid actress from what I’ve read, so I’m happy for her and Tamaki. No baby is on the way as yet, and the couple plan to continue working after marriage.

Tamaki was recently in the drama Anata ni wa kaeru ie ga aru and the film Laplace’s Witch, while Kinami was in Hana nochi Hare. Coincidentally, both dramas featured in the 2018 spring season.

Congratulations to Tamaki and Kinami! Wishing them bliss and happiness!


5 thoughts on “Tamaki Hiroshi, Kinami Haruka tie the knot

  1. As I mentioned to you, I find this news very lovely! I watched her in Kuragehime where she played an otaku that is obsessed with ojisans. Ha ha! Her hair hung over her face and glasses and she walked around with a slight hunch. She is the antithesis of the actress that always needs to look pretty. I like that you posted a photo of her that shows her beauty.


    • Hello hello! So nice to see you here. I also find this news lovely, if a bit shocking, haha. Could have given fans a bit of warning! Anyway, the more I see Kinami, the more I like her. I find there’s a naturalness and ease about her overall, and I like her acting so far. She’s lovely in Saki ni Umareta Dake no Boku and I always enjoy her scenes with Aoi Yu. Tbh, it was a bit hard to find a pretty photo of her, sometimes the stills don’t do her justice. I think she is better in action.


  2. I was surprised as well but I have not been following his news. I’ve picked up Shikaku Tantei Higurashi Tabito (starts with a movie, continues as a drama) and Kinami plays a support role. She is very funny and quite pretty in the part! I’ve only seen the movie so far, but Shikaku Tantei Higurashi Tabito is humorous, touching and mysterious all at the same time. Did you watch it?


    • Oh I have not heard of this drama or film. Sounds like something I should check out! Apparently it’s got 2 dramas – one in 2015 and one last year. It’d be nice to see Kinami get a leading role some day 🙂


      • 2015 is the movie and I liked it so I’ve moved on to the drama. The drama is darker but incredibly funny and unpredictable. Also first time I’ve seen a homeless person depicted in a J-drama.


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