Ueno Juri, Wada Sho tie the knot


The Nodame ship has sailed!

Ueno Juri announced today that she and Triceratops vocalist/guitarist Wada Sho are now husband and wife. They officially registered their marriage today. She posted on her Instagram account saying “Today, I got married to Wada-san!”, while the news has also been confirmed by their respective companies.  She further commented: “To everyone, I am very happy. From now on, whatever happens, I will still continue to do my best. Life is something that I need to set by myself. We have a lot of experiences and I think that every point was able to be connected now. With a wonderful partner, I would like to live this life with joy. Please continue supporting me from now on.”

Congrats to Juri-chan! I’m delighted for her that she’s found her special someone, and she does look so blissfully happy in the above photo. Wada Sho is a lucky guy! He also kind of reminds me of Odagiri Joe. News of Juri dating Wada broke a few months back, but I didn’t expect marriage to come so soon. I guess the relationship must have been very stable by then – they had apparently started dating around last autumn.

I never harboured much hope of Juri hooking up with Tamaki Hiroshi, since they’ve both denied strenuously rumours of any possible relationship between them, but I still wish for them to reunite onscreen just one more time. Now that Juri is a married woman with no risk of rumours, collaboration should be easier, yes? *crosses fingers*



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