Tamaki Hiroshi back in an asadora


From left: Miyazaki Aoi, Haru, Tamaki Hiroshi

It’s a new project for Tamaki Hiroshi! This time, he’ll be part of the NHK asadora called Asa ga kita, which is set at the end of the Edo/early Meiji Restoration periods and depicts the life of businesswoman Hirooka Asako (1849-1919), based on the novel Shosetsu Tosaborigawa Josei Jitsugyoka Hirooka Asako no Shogai by Furukawa Chieko. Young actress Haru will be the female lead Imai Asa, who was born as the second daughter of a wealthy merchant in Kyoto. Asa then went to Osaka and entered various business fields like coal mines, banks and life insurance. She also founded the first female university in Japan. Sounds like a woman ahead of her times!

Tamaki will play Asa’s husband Shiraoka Shinjiro, the second son of a money-exchange family in Osaka. His character is described as bright and cheerful, with an interest in shamisen and tea ceremony (and possibly a dubious relationship with his shamisen teacher). After marriage, Asa’s entrepreneurial talents came to the fore as she made efforts to run a bank, colliery company and so on on behalf of her prodigal husband. This doesn’t sound particularly promising for Tamaki’s character, haha. Other notable cast members include Miyazaki Aoi as Asa’s elder sister Hatsu, Masu Takeshi and Terajima Shinobu as Asa’s parents, and Kondo Masaomi and Fubuki Jun as Shinjiro’s parents.

I haven’t seen Haru in anything, so I have no idea if she can act. She’s only 23, but already has quite a number of works under her belt, so I’m hopeful that she’s got some acting chops if she’s gonna be leading an asadora. Apparently she had auditioned for previous NHK dramas and had not been selected, but her perseverance paid off on the fourth time – gotta give her props for not giving up! She’s 11 years younger than Tamaki, so I just hope they look compatible onscreen. It’d have been nice if it were Miyazaki playing Asa, since it’d be a reunion for her and Tamaki after they last starred in Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru nine years ago. No matter what, I’m just glad Tamaki will be back in a drama, although it will be a while yet – filming will start next month and the asadora won’t premiere until September. It’s been 12 years since Tamaki was in an asadora (2003’s Kokoro), while it will be Miyazaki’s second asadora (she was the lead in 2006’s Junjo Kirari). And I’m happy they’re gonna film in Kansai, that’s a pretty awesome region.

Asa ga kita will be NHK’s 93rd asadora and will run from Sept 28 to April 2. It is scheduled for 156 episodes and will air Mondays to Saturdays at 8am.



4 thoughts on “Tamaki Hiroshi back in an asadora

  1. Thank you so much for the helpful post. It’s perfect 🙂 Asadora has a very great impact all over Japan. So it’s gonna be a great chance for him to shine brightly again! And filming in kansai is great but he will be there almost all the time which makes it a little bit tough fir his lovers living in Tokyo XD


    • Hahaha. Anyway, it’ll be good for his lovers in Kansai! I don’t like the sound of his character, but as you said, it’ll be another chance for him to show off his acting.


  2. You are interested in Oguri Shun, right? Check out Border. Haru plays a supporting role, but the only female character of the main cast. She is ….cringey, a try hard to be mature, smart and cynical. Zero chemistry with Oguri. I wish Mizukawa Asami had been there:(. Good drama, tho, worth a try.
    Miyazaki’s career hasn’t been good, recently, maybe due to her scandal involving Okada Junichi. I can’t believe one day she plays the second fiddle in an asadora.

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    • Been meaning to check out Border, so thanks for the reminder, I hope to get to it soon. Pity about Haru’s acting there, and yeah Mizukawa Asami would have been a good choice. Ah well. I’m not terribly keen on the asadora, but will probably try a few episodes just for Tamaki.

      Wow, I had to look up the Miyazaki-Okada scandal, didn’t know that happened. True or not, it’s definitely damaged her career.


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