Liebster Award


Wow, I have been nominated for a Liebster Award by the very kind Mitta, such a lovely surprise and an honour to receive it! I haven’t been drama-blogging for long, so it was totally unexpected. Thank you very much, Mitta! Do check out her blog, especially if you like kdramas and stories in general!

Liebster Award Rules
1. Thank and link back your nominator.
2. Answer 11 questions given by the nominator.
3. Nominate 11 other bloggers who have less than 200 followers.
4. Create 11 new questions to ask your nominees.
5. Let your nominees know that you have nominated them via social media/blogs.

So here are Mitta’s questions and my answers. As I’m not really into k-dramas, Mitta has kindly allowed me to replace all kdrama-related questions with J-drama ones.

1. What do you love about blogging?
When the ideas come together and the writing flows easily, which admittedly doesn’t happen as often as I’d like! And the overall satisfaction I feel after having written a post which I feel strongly about, and which fortunately also resonates with my readers.

2. Has your blog presented any surprises for you?
I didn’t realise there were quite a few Tamaki Hiroshi fans! It’s been really nice to know that people like his acting and him as a person.

3. What are the top 3 blogs you follow? Why?
I don’t really follow any blogs religiously, though I do check quite a few on and off. They’re all nice bloggers and usually have interesting posts. They also cover more dramas than I do and even anime, so it’s always nice to get a variety of things to read.

4. What have you learned from someone else’s blog and have incorporated into yours?
Hmm… I don’t think I’ve really incorporated much – when I first submitted drama recaps for another blog, I tried to write them the way the blog writers did, but that got exhausting and I decided that I’d just do it my way from now on.


5. What’s your go to J-drama snack?
Nodame Cantabile, because it’s awesome on so many levels. It used to be Love Revolution, which I still do rewatch once in a while, since I still like Fujiki Naohito and they don’t do rom-coms like this anymore.

6. Has a friend or acquaintance ever discovered you through your blog and how was the experience?
Don’t think that has happened yet.

7. If you could star in any of your beloved J-dramas, which protagonist would you want to be?
Mmm… I think I’d rather write a new story for Tamaki Hiroshi to star in… maybe I could cameo as his cat-sitter or something!

8.Where do you blog from? Mac, PC or tablet?
I use a Mac.

9. When do you do most of your blogging?
At night.

10. Your blog goes viral and you are asked to vlog – would you want to? Why or why not?
Nope, because I’m a tech dinosaur and it sounds entirely like too much work.

11. If you could choose where to live anywhere in this world, where would this be and why?
Well, I have a few choices: Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Osaka or Tokyo. They’re all wonderful cities and have a fantastic vibe about them. In the case of Edinburgh, having a whisky shop every other corner is really pretty awesome.

I don’t have 11 nominees, but here are the blogs that deserve a shoutout (and haven’t yet had a Liebster award… I think):
A Philosopher’s Chair
Jinsight Reviews
The Corner of the Mind
Dorama World
An Unstoppable Sun

And here are my questions for my nominees:
1. What do you look for in (drama) blogs to read/follow?
2. Do you have a favourite OTP and why?
3. Have you developed any particular style of writing/recapping/reviewing over time?
4. How do you keep the blogging momentum going?
5. Do you drink? If so, what is your favourite drink?
6. If you could ask your favourite actor/actress a question, what would it be?
7. Which country’s dramas do you prefer and why?
8. Do you have a go-to book or music?
9. Do you have a favourite live-action series?
10. On average, how long does it take you to write up a post?
11. Where do you see your blog in five years’ time?

Thanks again to Mitta for nominating me!


7 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions! This award has definitely helped us get to know our fellow bloggers. I find it interesting we are all blogging incognito and so far haven’t been discovered by those around us 😀 Edinburgh, that’s a first for me…very interesting….whisky connoisseur? All the best with your blogging…I might just pick up on jdrama someday!


    • Not a connoisseur by any means, and Edinburgh has a lot more going for it than whisky, though that is a big selling point, heh. And if you need J-drama recommendations, feel free to ask!


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