Day 29: A Drama You Wished was Real


I think a certain Tamaki Hiroshi would be very happy if the Japanese drama Antique were real. That’s because the drama featured a host of deliciously sinful cakes and sweet treats that are just perfect for Tamaki, who has a sweet tooth. I have plenty of issues with Antique, which is a watered-down adaptation of the manga Antique Bakery by Yoshinaga Fumi, but the chemistry between the four guys is fantastic and there were a lot of rib-tickling scenes, plus all those gorgeous cakes on display, so I’d still recommend it.

Other dramas that would be awesome if they were real include Shikaotoko Aoniyoshi (hey, we need more smart, talking animals), Love Shuffle (want floor-mates like those four!), and Shinya Shokudo (more late-night restaurants needed!).


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