Day 28: Favourite Quote


I don’t know if it’s my all-time favourite, but this is definitely memorable. Only Chiaki can make a threat of rejection into something totally romantic and beautiful. In episode 11 of Nodame Cantabile, Chiaki goes to Nodame’s hometown and while on the way to find her, she happens to call him and tell him that she’s decided to study abroad in France. She’ll have to take an exam for the music conservatoire there. As she’s telling him about her dreams of them performing together, he runs up and hugs her from behind ❤ Nodame is totally stunned by his sudden appearance as he tells her she must pass the exam.

Chiaki: Let’s go to Europe together. If you reject ore-sama for the second time, I definitely won’t forgive you.
Nodame: Umm… (smiles) Merry Christmas!
Chiaki: Merry Christmas! (tightens hug)

Precisely because Chiaki is so sparing with his affection that this whole scene, complete with the gorgeous sunset and riverside backdrop, is so precious and squee-worthy. Mr Hotshot Conductor knows how to hit the right romantic notes at the right time!


2 thoughts on “Day 28: Favourite Quote

  1. OKAY! I SHOULD leave comment in this post~ ❤

    All nodame's fans will find this scene as one of most memorable scene in nodame (maybe in their whole life too XD)
    Even Juri-chan picked this scene as her favorite scene above all!

    The reason why I personally love this:
    1) the HUG!!
    I've never been so excited bcs of A HUG before~ The way Chiaki backhug her.. Truthfully, the REASON why he backhug her.. ❤
    And I like the manga version liiiiiiittle bit more than the live action, bcs Chiaki in manga is taller than Tamaki and it makes the hug looks perfect! (sorry tamaki you're still my fav man! XD)

    2) the sunset!
    It's SUPER beautiful.. Tamajuri said this is why this scene is unforgettable, since you can't get beautiful sunset everyday! ^^

    3) the way Chiaki speaks! ❤
    I will NEVER get tired hearing his "ore", "ore-sama"! This man arrogance is the best! hahaha

    I'm glad to found ur blog! ❤

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