Day 27: Dream cast for a drama


Hm, I already sort of did this back in the Favourite Actor/Actress post, where I listed my super 7 of Japanese male actors and actresses to team up with them for a drama that will rock all of Japan. So maybe I’ll go with characters instead of actors… sounds like it’ll work?

We should have:
– Chiaki Shinichi from Nodame Cantabile, because every drama needs a genius
– Kuryu Kohei from Hero, to cover our asses when we need a lawyer
– Suga Eiichiro from Love Revolution, because we always need THE TRUTH
– Akiyama Shinichi from Liar Game, to get us out of tricky situations
– Master from Shinya Shokudo, for our food needs
– Minakata Jin from JIN, as medical insurance (just don’t cry too much, hon)
– Edawakare from Suteki na Sen Taxi, for a little time-travelling when needed
– Kage from Antique, to keep us all safe with his imposing sunnies

Actually this is just another excuse to put Chiaki’s photo at the top of this post, heh. At least I’m honest!


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