Day 25: Most Cringeworthy Moment


A recent one would be in Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu, where Hanae blurts out she’s willing to take care of Yuto while he pursues grad school. Technically there’s nothing wrong with wanting to support your man’s academic ambitions, but this occurred during a first meeting with her younger boyfriend’s mother, and in circumstances where mother and son were talking about school, not marriage. To have Hanae blurt that out, and then go on to ramble how things will be okay so long as they remain frugal and she accepts the promotion at work so she gets a better salary is bloody embarrassing. It’s even worse when Yuto swiftly denies that marriage is on the cards and all Hanae can do is just laugh it off awkwardly that she got things wrong. I kind of understand what Hanae was thinking, but it just reeks of stupidity and desperation. I was cringing throughout the entire scene, not only for how Yuto’s denial must have hurt her (in addition to other things), but for what she really put herself through by being so blinkered in this half-baked relationship. I almost wanted to say she asked for it… okay, she asked for it.

I’m so glad Yu didn’t end up with Hanae. There, I said it again.


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