Day 24: Funniest Moment


Basically, anytime Furuta Arata appears in Galcir, especially when he starts adopting Gal-speak. I love Geronimo’s interactions with Shinnosuke, Momo and Ichinose. Now I feel the urge to revisit Galcir, just for Geronimo! Kekkon Dekinai Otoko is also very funny, but it’s a different kind of humour.


3 thoughts on “Day 24: Funniest Moment

  1. 24th day?!? Wow…where did the time go? Are you excited to be almost done and did you learn anything about your viewing habits so far?


    • Yes, that I should watch more dramas! Also, I was trying hard not to repeat Tamaki Hiroshi in every other post 😀 since for a while I was getting repetitive. I’d be glad, though, to get it over and done with, it’s really quite tiring to have to post everyday and think of what to write!


      • I had the same problem. Almost every question had me thinking of one or two dramas and it was a struggle to pick one that wasn’t a repeat. I use to think I watch a good amount of dramas, but after this challenge I realized that I didn’t.


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