Day 23: Saddest Moment


Umm… no idea! There are always sad scenes in dramas, but I tend not to revisit those too much or I’d run out of tears. But I do remember that the ending for JIN 2 was pretty tear-inducing, so I’ll go with that. I won’t give the ending away, suffice it to say that it was how things wrapped for the drama, and the acting, that really hit home and brought on the waterworks. I definitely recommend JIN as it’s a really solid medical drama – Osawa Takao gave a tour-de-force performance as the titular Jin, a brain surgeon who was somehow transported back to Edo and had various interesting experiences during his time there. Ayase Haruka was awesome as Saki, Jin’s medical assistant and friend, while Uchino Masaaki was a hoot as Sakamoto Ryoma – you’ll probably never see Ryoma in the same way again. I prefer the first JIN to its sequel, but both are terrific on many levels and definitely deserve a watch.


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