Day 22: Moment that Shocked You the Most in Any Drama


Hmm… this might be a little difficult because after watching so many dramas, you tend to be able to guess the direction in which any drama will take and you usually won’t be too off the mark.

I guess I’ll just go with Over Time, a J-drama that I remember pretty much surprised everyone with the turn the story took towards the end. I wouldn’t say I was terribly shocked by how things turned out, but I know of friends who watched the drama expecting one thing and were crying foul by the end of the drama. One even said she wouldn’t have watched it if she knew the drama would end like this, lol. Highlight if you want to be spoiled:

Basically, everyone thought Natsuki and Soichiro were gonna end up together because they were such great friends and had wonderful chemistry. They could talk about anything and confide in each other, and besides, things weren’t going well with Natsuki and Kuga, so it seemed as though Soichiro had a chance to be the end game with Natsuki. But then Kuga came back and once again proposed, and Natsuki eventually agreed to marry him. In the end, Soichiro wished them well and dedicated his photobook to her.

It’s been a while since I re-watched the drama, but back then I probably thought the same as everyone else regarding the ending. However, I wasn’t as shocked because I actually liked how things turned out (not to mention I really liked Shiina Kippei, who played Kuga), so I’m probably in the minority about being pleased with the ending. Also, this is one of Sorimachi Takashi’s most memorable roles (the other being GTO) – Soichiro was wonderfully portrayed and Sorimachi had great chemistry with Esumi Makiko, who played Natsuki. I highly recommend the drama for the story, acting and just general awesomeness.


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