Day 21: Most Overrated Drama


There are tons of overrated dramas (hello kdramas), so I’ll just name one that I’ve seen recently and felt it didn’t deserve all the praise and hype. That would be Saikou no Rikon. I’d read a lot about how wonderful it was, how it was the best drama of 2013, and how Sakamoto Yuji’s writing was so brilliant and witty. So I went in with certain expectations… and came out of it not exactly liking it or finding it as memorable as, say, Itoshi Kimi e or Top Caster. I detailed my misgivings about the drama in an earlier post, so all I’ll say here is that I think the drama was decent and had solid acting for the most part, but it could definitely have been better. And I really did not like all that posturing during the ending credits.



2 thoughts on “Day 21: Most Overrated Drama

  1. I quite liked the drama, my only complaint was that it seemed like Eita’s character was always in the wrong and a lot of what his wife did got pushed under the rug. He was high strung, but both of them contributed to making the marriage fail.

    From this post, I’m guessing that you haven’t watched the special yet. If you thought the show as overrated….I don’t know how you could handle the special. Maybe it’s better if you don’t watch it haha.


    • Yeah, I remember you mentioned that about Eita’s character and I agree the blame has got to be more evenly distributed. And nope, haven’t watched the special and don’t think I want to. I don’t really like Maki Yoko and don’t want to sit through another couple of hours of her.


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