Day 20: Most Underrated Drama


These two dramas are more of “what the fuck did I just watch”, but I think it’s precisely because of that factor that people dismiss them and/or just think they’re too weird and don’t continue watching, so in that sense they are underrated. First up is Shikaotoko Aoniyoshi, which I wrote about here. I just think it’s so brilliant on all counts that it’s a shame if people miss it just because it’s about a talking deer and unlucky schoolteacher who try to save Japan from impending disaster. Besides, it has Tamaki Hiroshi and Ayase Haruka in a much more satisfying and logical pairing (take that, Kaisha!)

The other one is Galcir (or Gal Circle), about a Japanese cowboy from America called Shinnosuke (Fujiki Naohito) who arrives in Shibuya to look for a mysterious girl named Imoko. He befriends a group of “fashionable” malnourished girls who end up helping him in his search for Imoko after he helps them work through their various problems. I watched it for Fujiki, who was awesome, but the real star was probably Furuta Arata’s Geronimo, he was an absolute hoot. And this was my introduction to Toda Erika, who as Saki was the only “gal” I actually liked. The drama is pretty wacky and quirky, and that’s part of its charm.


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