Day 19: Least Favourite Character


Plenty to choose from. Hanae from Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu and Sakura from Last Cinderella, to start things off. The former is stupid, the latter is disgusting. Also, any character played by Hirosue Ryoko; all the hysterical mothers (and in-laws) whose sole purpose in life is to make people miserable; Mei from Love Shuffle; Ha Woo-jin from k-Liar Game (you’ll never be Akiyama!), the entire cast of Trainwreck Cantabile, and so on and so forth.


7 thoughts on “Day 19: Least Favourite Character

  1. Say what you want about Woo Jin, but his hair in the last episode is the stuff of legends. He’s not Akiyama, but I can forgive that for the sake of his hair lol.


  2. I bump to your blog after reading your comment about cantabile tomorrow in all other blogs.
    “Trainwreck Cantabile” hahahaha
    you must love nodame so much
    well, me too 🙂
    or should I say, I like j-dorama than k-drama, they have more story and more depth.
    but this korean adaptation is unforgivable, how come they play “Eroica” in the middle of Tchaikovsky Violin concerto. that’s unforgivable! and the violist look so fake!
    and they dare to say that they make it based on manga, not J-version!
    what a big fat lie!

    what if you write more about j-dorama, not only tamaki’s dorama.
    too many blog about k-drama nowadays. people need to realized that k-drama buzz is way overrated


    • Haha yeah, Trainwreck Cantabile is just pathetic, everything from the story to the cast and music. And I agree about the overrated kdrama buzz. I’m glad you like Nodame Cantabile too 🙂 I’ll try to write more about other dramas if I can. Thanks for dropping by!


  3. Lol! I accidentally stumbled on your blog and I so agree with this one:

    “Ha Woo-jin from k-Liar Game (you’ll never be Akiyama!)”

    Glad I’m not the only one who isn’t HOH or swooning with him. He pales so much in comparison to Akiyama!

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  4. Just discovered this list of yours (I should really do one of these, too!) and just HAD to concur when you mentioned the character of Mei in “Love Shuffle” for “Least Favorite Character”… oh my GOSH she drove me up the WALL in that show, she was VERY frustrating to watch!
    I guess it shows how great an actress Shihori Kanjiya was because I associated Mei’s character with her 100% and didn’t like her for awhile! It took Buzzer Beat for me to give her another chance and that was good because I absolutely loved her in Kimi Hannin Janai yo ne?


    • Haha well, I’ve not liked Kanjiya Shihori in anything I’ve seen her in, but I do agree Mei was a very frustrating character to watch. She’s a decent actress, but her acting does nothing for me so far.


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