Day 16: Drama cliché that you wish would stop


Only in dramas: Kyoko still looking perfect and with nary a hair out of place after a presumably long and sweaty run (in heels!) from her home to Tokyo Tower

Mmm… I generally don’t mind clichés if they’re done well, contribute to the plot/characterisation, and aren’t too stupid. Stuff like amnesia plots and birth secrets should hopefully be consigned to the bin soon, because they almost always result in plenty of hysterics and hand-wringing, and a lot of stupidity involved.

I don’t know if this is a cliché, more of something that I just don’t get. It’s when characters run to their destination even knowing that it’s not a five-minute walk away and obviously requires some form of transport. For example in Love Revolution, I’m pretty sure Kyoko does not live anywhere near Tokyo Tower – on a previous date there with Suga, he saw her home via the company limousine. But after she realises Suga left some form of “apology” at her front door (they had a spat), she runs all the way there to see him (and this is without checking first to see if he’s indeed there). I just don’t get the running part – it’s not romantic at all and she was running there in heels! Wouldn’t she be hot and sweaty, and totally out of breath, with jelly legs, after running all the way there? I’m just boggled that she had to run – c’mon, this is the 21st century, there are various modes of transport and there’s got to be at least one that’d get her to her destination way faster than if she’d run. And in heels! Ugh.


2 thoughts on “Day 16: Drama cliché that you wish would stop

  1. The running thing is popular in a lot of jdramas, animes, and mangas. Maybe the powers to be are trying to promote good health while going for a romantic touch as well? :p


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