Day 14: Drama that Never Gets Old


Eh, this is a tough one. I just can’t narrow it down to one, I have tons of dramas that, whenever they come back on TV, I’d just watch them again anyway. Probably not every episode, they’re dramas I usually wouldn’t mind revisiting. There are very few dramas that I’d watch from start to finish, for example Nodame Cantabile and Love Revolution, but for the sake of not repeating them, I’ll just go with this Hong Kong drama called Survivor’s Law – it’s a 2003 drama about young lawyers and is currently on a re-run on my cable channel, so I’ve been able to rewatch it whenever I get the chance. I’ve seen this drama a few times now and know the storyline and scenes all too well, but I never mind the rewatch because it’s pretty enjoyable. It starred Raymond Lam before his face grew longer (go figure) and he sang the theme song too, which was pretty good.


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