Day 13: Character You Are Most Similar To


Hotaru dozing on the verandah in Hotaru no Hikari

Hmm… I don’t think there’s one character that I’m really similar to, but there are certain traits I can identify with. For example, Chiaki is highly critical of himself and just about everyone else around him, and while I don’t have such impossible standards, I tend to be pretty critical as well. Like Hotaru, I also tend to take it real easy when I’m at home, and would sometimes rather remain at home with my cat than entertain others. I don’t sleep under newspapers, though, haha, but I think we all have a bit of the himono onna in us. I have a problem with waking up on time (oops), so in that sense I’m like Chiharu from Kekkon Shinai. I’m also pretty forthright, like Airu, but she’s way more likeable than I am, hehe.


4 thoughts on “Day 13: Character You Are Most Similar To

    • I have a review planned on Kekkon Shinai 🙂 I like it, although the story is nothing new and did get a bit preachy here and there. Kanno Miho was adorable and Tamaki Hiroshi was a real sweetheart in there.


  1. Hi! Stumbling around here after seeing your comment on Alua’s post. I saw a picture of Hotaru, so I couldn’t scroll down. I agree with your idea of identifying with certain traits. After all, most characters (if not all) are made of big stereotypes, even more so in J-dramas. That said, yup, we’re all himono-onnas! 😀


    • Hello, thanks for stopping by! 🙂 Heh, are you a Hotaru fan? I love the drama (both seasons, but the film… not so much, so I’m kinda glad they stopped there. It’s definitely hard to find a drama without stereotypes, but sometimes the eye candy kinda makes up for it 😀


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