Day 11: Drama that you dropped and why


There are plenty of dramas I’ve dropped for various reasons, but I’ll just name a few recent ones. The first is Last Cinderella, which is utter crap because the heroine played by Shinohara Ryoko is one of the most disgusting I’ve ever seen in recent memory and I can’t believe two guys like her. I dislike Shinohara to the high heavens (this is on the Hirosue Ryoko level) and her portrayal of the character made it worse. Besides, Miura Haruma was being such a sick duck that I hope never to see him on my screen ever. Fujiki Naohito couldn’t save this trainwreck and I bailed after three episodes.

Mitsu no Aji was supposed to be kinda risque, about a girl who loved her uncle and came between him and his girlfriend. It had the potential to be a really good story, given the rich material to be exploited, and I was looking forward to it. However, both Eikura Nana and Arata were so boring they couldn’t sell the incestuous story and I had zero interest in either of them. Kanno Miho was wasted in this.

I also dropped You Who Came From The Stars after two episodes because, oddly enough, neither Jeon Ji-hyun nor Kim Soo-hyun could hold my interest for more than two episodes. I like both of them but the plot just wasn’t interesting enough. I did put it away with thoughts of going back to it once the drama finished its run, but never did return in the end (I guess reading recaps doesn’t really count?)


4 thoughts on “Day 11: Drama that you dropped and why

  1. “the Hirosue Ryoko level”

    Wait! LOL. I had no idea you loathed her so much. She really annoyed us in the 1-2 eps of Beach Boys we watched, but we’re watching Moto Kare and she’s less annoying in it so far, for sure. Also found her annoying in the beginning of Dekichatta Kekkon that we tried and couldn’t get into. :-/


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