Day 7: Your Drama Crush

Mmm… I’m struggling to find a drama crush that doesn’t require me to repeat the characters/people I’ve mentioned previously. How many times can I post about Chiaki or Suga? Hahaha. Since I seem to be unable to just go with one choice, let’s have a variety of hot guys again.


From left: Kudo Junpei, Park Hyun-soo, Tsui Fei

I have a thing for characters who are: lawyers, detectives, artistic, nice, brainy and just awesome generally. Even though I thought Kudo Junpei from Kekkon Shinai wasn’t a particularly standout character initially, the more I rewatch that drama for Tamaki Hiroshi, the more I like Junpei. He’s a real sweetheart and just so nice to everyone around him, and if my local florist looked like him, I’d be buying the shop out every day. I also love that Junpei is artistic – he paints – and throughout the drama’s run, he was suffering from a painting block, which I can totally understand and empathise with, since I’ve also gone through writer’s block. I love that even in his rut, Junpei took on a job that allowed him to connect a little with his artistic side – when he puts bouquets together, his knowledge of colours is particularly useful.

Next, we have lawyer Park Hyun-soo from Love Marriage. Hyun-soo is just an all-round nice guy handling divorce cases (the irony), but is reserved and doesn’t really know how to express his emotions properly. He also solves math problems when he’s troubled. He can also kiss properly (very important) and is pretty hot. Hyun-soo is very good at his job and I like that he handles things in a calm, logical manner. Kim Ji-hoon was very yummy in his business suits, and adorable when he smiled.

And since Hong Kong is the land of procedurals, we have detective Tsui Fei from Detective Investigation Files IV. Louis Koo was hot, broody and intense as Tsui Fei and I adored his pairing with Jessica Hsuan. It was the look in his eyes, whenever he was focused on investigations, or whether he was happily in love with Quin. Louis has since gone into films, but this is definitely one of his most memorable drama roles, and certainly the hottest.


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