Day 5: Drama You Want to See But Haven’t


There are a ton of dramas on my to-watch list, but the one I’ve been wanting to watch for a long time is Soredemo, Ikite Yuku. I just haven’t gotten around to it because I feel this drama requires me to give it 100% attention and be in a certain mood in order to appreciate it fully. I’ve read a little about how the drama is pretty heavy given the subject matter, so I don’t want to just watch it on a whim. I like Eita generally and have heard a lot about Mitsushima Hikari’s acting prowess, so I hope to be able to get to the drama soon. The drama is written by Sakamoto Yuji, and so far it’s been two hits and a miss for me regarding his dramas – I really liked Itoshi Kimi e and Top Caster, but was lukewarm towards Saikou no Rikon. Hopefully Soredemo will be on the hits list.



2 thoughts on “Day 5: Drama You Want to See But Haven’t

  1. As someone who can’t recognize actors, I recognized both of the leads here! I’ve only seen Eita in the divorce drama and liked him in it and I also liked Hikari in Gomen ne Seishun! Which is the only thing I’ve seen her in. I wanted to watch this when it first came out, but never got the chance to.


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