Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu episodes 1-2


It’s been a long while since I’m actually following a currently airing J-drama, and I tend not to because the wait gets excruciating if the drama has an actor I enjoy watching. However, this time I couldn’t resist Tamaki Hiroshi looking so deliciously sexy in Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu, and even though he doesn’t get a lot of screentime since he’s essentially the second lead, he really lights up the screen whenever he comes on. This is not a recap – for detailed ones, please visit koalasplayground. Rather, here are some thoughts on the initial two episodes…

The plot is simple – Aoishi Hanae (Ayase Haruka) is a 30-year-old plain OL working at a trading company. She has an unexciting life at and outside of work and has never dated. However, after an unexpected one-night stand, she ends up getting a boyfriend nine years younger, in the form of Tanokura Yuto (Fukushi Sota), a temp worker in her office. At the same time, Asao Yu (Tamaki Hiroshi), the CEO of an Italian food company located in the same building as Hanae’s office, begins to show interest in her…


Initially, I was worried this would turn out like the horror that is Last Cinderella, where even Fujiki Naohito could not save that trainwreck. But the first two episodes of Kaisha seem to have a very different vibe, so I’m quite glad. It also helps that I generally like Ayase Haruka and think she’s doing wonders with the character – Hanae could easily have come off as annoying and frustrating, given her lack of dating experience and timid ways, but Ayase has made Hanae relatable and likeable. You feel nervous as she does about Yuto’s sudden interest in her, wonder with her whether he’s taking her for a ride, and feel for her when she worries about not having received a reply to her texts. Her anxiety and self-consciousness make one want to give her a good hug and at the same time tell her to relax. There are also a fair number of funny scenes, such as Hanae unwittingly becoming a temp server during a nomikai for Yu’s company and hers, or Hanae getting caught “embezzling” in one of her off-the-wall flights of imagination.


So far I am enjoying Hanae’s interactions with both men, although Yuto is pretty bland on the whole. I think it’s both the fault of the writing and actor. I don’t get why Yuto is interested in Hanae (he does talk about how he first met her at the office and all, but ehh), especially since she’s nine years older and barely interacts with him in the office. Fukushi Sota’s expressions don’t seem to change much, unless he breaks out into a huge smile whenever Hanae agrees to hang out with him. When she attempts to shut him out, I don’t feel that Yuto is too perturbed – for someone who claims to like her, shouldn’t he actually wonder why and maybe try to understand her better? If he sensed that she is inexperienced, why take her to a hotel in the first place? I confess I didn’t particularly like that aspect of the story, and Yuto saying he’s not the sort who goes to hotels casually doesn’t really help.


I prefer Hanae’s exchanges with Yu, which have some underlying sexual tension that is subtle and delicious. Around him, she’s skittish and wary, but she’s also not afraid to tell him off and he doesn’t take offence, knowing that she’s only defensive and trying her best to protect herself. Yet, Yu sees that there is more to Hanae than her meek exterior and he doesn’t mind doing what he can to draw her out of her shell. Whether it’s encouraging her to make eye contact by teasing her, or offering her a listening ear to her love problems, I like that Yu is getting Hanae to face her fears and properly address the issue before her. Without Yu, Hanae would never have realised that her anxiety over Yuto’s closeness with Hirono meant she’s actually falling in love and caring what Yuto does. Yu definitely understands and sees more than he lets on, and I hope Hanae starts warming up to him as the episodes progress. There is really no reason why she should continue giving Yu the brush-off because so far, he’s only been helping her.


Also, Yu is direct when he needs to be, and I love that he told Hitomi straight out he is not interested in her. Hitomi is Hanae’s junior at work and man-hungry as they come. I don’t feel the need to portray “modern” women as such, and Hitomi’s airhead ways annoy the heck out of me. I do get why Yu would be interested in Hanae, since she’s definitely a refreshing change from someone like Hitomi, whose type he must be pretty used to and tired of. Even if Yu doesn’t get together with Hanae, I hope the drama doesn’t make him end up with Hitomi, or I’d seriously throw someone across the room a la Chiaki…


It also helps that Tamaki Hiroshi is totally sexy and charismatic as Yu. He was already hot as Chiaki with all those white shirts, and as Yu, he’s effortlessly charming in all those business suits. The difference between man and boy is so clear, there’s no contest because Yu is just so winning with all that manly charisma. Besides, Yu has all those knowing half-smiles that just enhance the mystery about him and why he’s helping Hanae this way. He’s interested but not making a move yet, so I guess he just wants to suss her out more before deciding whether to go for it (like the sharp businessman he is, eh?) Tamaki and Ayase have worked together before, so there’s already that chemistry between them and I enjoy their scenes a lot. I like that Yu gets under Hanae’s skin in a way that bland Yuto can’t and won’t, and I hope this pays off in the end. I mean, there’s no way Hanae’s going to ignore the hot male specimen that Yu is, right? It would be a total waste of having Tamaki in the drama if it isn’t going to make use of his infinite sexiness.

Tamaki Hiroshi, it must be illegal that you’re this hot. But I’m glad you are, because you’re totally rocking the role.



8 thoughts on “Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu episodes 1-2

    • Haha, I knew I was doomed the minute Tamaki Hiroshi was cast as Yu. He’s so goddamn hot in this drama, and is doing such a fantastic job as Yu that everything else just pales when he’s not on the screen. It should be illegal to cast Tamaki in dramas where he doesn’t get the girl, it’s just wrong.


  1. You know I could not for the life of me think of where I had seen Tamaki before until I saw your Nodame header. LOL. I could I forget who played Chiaki-sempai!? The horror.

    What fell flat with Hirono is how he casually sends off his supposed love interest and continues to chat quite enthusiastically with his friend. I get not wanting to be pushy and give space, but that is too much nonchalance.

    I absolute love Ayase Haruka. She does comedy well. While I don’t always agree with her characters actions and reactions, I think she’s doing a pretty great job in the character portrayal. She and Tamaki got some meaty and complex characters while Fukushi’s…very flat right now.


    • Haha, now you’ll remember Tamaki as Chiaki senpai forever 😀 Tamaki was just awesome as Chiaki.

      I agree about the Hirono bit, that’s another reason why I can’t buy Yuto’s interest in Hanae. He didn’t even explain the scrunchie thing in ep 3, and Hanae of course was too flustered to even press him for an explanation. Agree about Ayase’s portrayal as well, which is why it’s a pity Fukushi’s so mehhhh, the drama could have been better if they’d found a stronger actor. I think (and hope) the majority of the audience is rooting for Yu, Tamaki has definitely made excellent use of his limited screentime!

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      • Let’s just hope we don’t get a Last Cinderella when the guy who really should have got the girl didn’t. I was rather upset when Fujiki ended up going all alone to the US and Shinohara stayed with Miura.

        He did seem genuinely surprised and not really understanding about the whole scrunchie, but I, too, found it odd no explanation whatsoever was offered. He just apologized for that being there to hurt her so badly and then deeply apologized himself. I was kind of doing that moment in anime where the character just blinks endlessly trying to figure out what just happened.


      • Well, the manga is not finished and seems largely to be about the romance between Hanae and Yuto, so I’ve accepted that Yu and Hanae will not be end game even in the drama. I just want Hanae to stop behaving like a five-year-old to Yu and for her to be open to a relationship with him. As for Yuto… maybe Fukushi should consider extra acting lessons after this drama wraps.

        Last Cinderella was crap and I dropped it after 3 eps, so I was actually kinda relieved to learn that Fujiki did not get the girl – I loathed Shinohara’s character and her acting grated on my nerves so much I wanted to bitchslap her to Timbuctoo. Miura was annoying as well.


  2. havent watch this as im not a fan of fukushi. can u tell me which episode tamaki hve more screen time so that i can cure my eyes?


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